Liesel s a beautiful European Blue girl. We are so delighted to have her in our Dane family. We waited a year for her to be born. She is following in her parents footsteps and will be a very big sweet girl. Her grand parents are from European kennels, Three of them are from Margarejro Kennel in Poland and one grandfather is from von den Elf Quellen Kennel in Germany, each of them are multiple champions. One grandmother Heroina Margarejro was a Junior World Winner in 2013 and International Champion as well. Leisel’s pedigree keeps going back like that champion after champion. International Champion and Grand Champion Hashich de la Benjamine, as well as, International and 2 times Grand Champion Cashmere Heavenly Blue Margarejro are two of her great grandfathers.

Leisel is goofey and fun loving, she likes alone time with us where she is the center of attention. She just can’t seem to get enough love. She will make a wonderful mother in the future when her health testing is all finished. We can’t wait to see her first beautiful litter.

Leisel looking over the props used for our November 2019 Litter’s Christmas Photo Shoot.
Leisel checking out the props.
Leisel found some treats.