Bailey is a gorgeous Mantle female. “Bonnie” as used in her name, is the Scottish word meaning pretty or beautiful, and it perfectly describes Bailey.

One of her great grandfathers is Grand Champion Dakaniro Evgur Vivat Centurian, and a great, great grandfather is the impressive International and Grand Champion Sargos Centurion Mark Avrelly.

Bailey also has a very sweet and loving personality and lives to please. Bailey’s health testing results show excellent hips. Her thyroid and heart are normal. She is a proven Dam and an excellent and attentive mother!

Antry’s Bonnie Bailey Jane
Our Sweet and loving beautiful Mantle female
Bailey April 2020, 22 months old.
Bailey, 17 months old.
Bailey at 4 months
Bailey as a little lady
Bailey’s AKC Pedigree
Bailey’s Dad
Eros Remington
Bailey’s Mom