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Coping thru COVID-19 with the Antry’s

2020 was such an unforgiving year for the world – a global pandemic, a national shortage of goods, business closures across the nation, financial hardships for all, and to top it, having to express your love and care for others by simply ‘staying away’. The uncertainty of things started to make me lose purpose. I was consumed with anxiety and I could feel I was losing myself to grief.

I took an even harder turn during the COVID-19 year. I had an unexpected loss of my 4 month baby Harlequin Great Dane, Brooklyn on October 16. The vet declared her death as an ‘act of god’ unfortunate circumstance, with inclusive test results based off her autopsy. It took me countless months of therapy, disciplined coping and the start of my sobriety journey to open my heart up to this life again.

I had thought I might have been ready to try again 3 months later. I connected with a breeder who had available puppies ready for their forever homes on Christmas. I paid my deposit and completed the standard background check weeks prior to come find out that I was waiting outside for hours on a transport that was never arranged. I was scammed. I was a victim, I’m sure like many others, who were taken advantage of trying to get a hold of a “Covid Puppy” for the holidays. I was devastated. This ultimately broke me.

Be it timing or the powers that be, the universe some how directed me towards Antry Danes. I shared my experience with Meredith and fast forward I found myself following the birth and the growth journey to my new Harlequin baby, Tegan Janelle Patterson. I don’t think I’ll ever have the right words to express my deepest gratitude towards Meredith and Bill. They both have contributed and impacted my life in such a huge way. I will never forget their warm hearts, constant reassurance, patience and above all else, simply being a human being. Bill and Meredith didn’t just provide an amazing service as a professional breeder. The Antry’s embody humility, kindness, patience and even go so far to do the ‘extra’ personable measures to make you feel like family. Their puppies are a reflection of them.

Meredith and Bill, I know my testimonial is a bit long winded here but I hope to share with others how incredible and trustworthy breeders you are. Tegan is my world. But better yet, adopting the both of us into your lives. I welcome any questions to share my personal experience with the Antry family. May Brooklyn rest in peace and for miss Tegan to remain healthy and happy for as long as I live (Tegan and LJ Patterson, 5/25/2021)

LJ Patterson
May 26, 2021

Thank you

My partner and I searched for months trying to find a solid, dedicated and loving breeder. We were having trouble finding ethical breeders. People that truly loved the breed, and not greed. We decided to contact Meredith…From the beginning Meredith was an excellent communicator throughout the entire process – before met Pharaoh, and after we brought him to his new home.




I could write a novel on how grateful we are to have found Meredith. Thanks for your transparency. Thank you for the love you have for your Danes and puppies. Thanks for Pharaoh, he is everything we asked for, healthy, warm, playful, big, and beautiful.

Moziah Moreno-Colon
March 11, 2021

Highly Recommend Antry Danes

Incredibly responsible breeder who doesn’t sell a puppy and disappear. Not only did Meredith and Bill prepare us for bringing our new family member home, they’ve checked in over the last year to ensure Lennon has been doing well. Our Dane is healthy, has the ideal Gentle Giant demeanor and is the best Great Dane of 7 I’ve owned. Highly recommend Antry Danes.


Mackenzie T
November 25, 2020

Gorgeous Dogs, Amazing People

I was very impressed with your dogs and puppies when my family and I came to meet them. They were very well mannered, even though it was obvious that Chester just wanted to play with my 6 children. All of your Danes are absolutely gorgeous, they are also very sweet, and there is no doubt that they are loved.
I was equally impressed with the way that they are cared for. It was obvious from the moment I stepped into your beautiful home that you don’t view your Danes as “just dogs”. They are clearly members of your family and live WITH you. I’m pretty sure that each dog has their own spot to watch TV with you. LOL.
I also love how well your puppies are socialized from the moment they are born. They are such well mannered puppies, and anyone would be lucky to be able to welcome one (or two) of them into their home.

Addie S
November 10, 2020

Antry Danes Trustworthy Breeders

One of the biggest fears when investing in a puppy is the reputability of the breeder. I can personally testify to the absolute integrity and quality of these Great Dane breeders. First and foremost is their love for the animals themselves, and from that comes the best conditions and care available anywhere for these babies. You will not go wrong in your investment in an Antry Dane.

Barbara S
October 17, 2020