Sires & Dams


Our beautiful Sires and Dams are AKC registered and fully health tested with passing results, assuring top quality, healthy puppies for our customers.


Antry’s Chester King of Hearts

Height at Shoulders: 35″

Weight: 160 lbs. at 3 years old

Chester is a very large and handsome Harlequin boy. He comes from excellent European bloodlines. One of his great, great grandfathers is the gorgeous mantle sire Multi Champion Diplomat de la Benjamine. If you go back another generation you find other impressive champions such as the harlequin sire International Champion Verax Habits Rouges and the harlequin sire Grand Champion, and Champion of Russia, Derbenth de Milantosa along with many others.

Chester is very outgoing, yet sweet and gentle. He is energetic and has a fun personality. He finds joy in everything, from playing with the grandchildren to spending time sleeping on the couch. His health testing results show his hips are in the top 5% for all Great Danes. His Hip Distraction Index is 0.16 on both hips. Cardiac is normal and Thyroid is normal. The vet that performed the X-ray on his hips said he has the tightest, best hips he has ever seen. The X-ray of his elbows also came back normal. His thyroid and heart are normal. He is an amazing Sire and we are very blessed to have him.

Below are photos of his parents, Girshin’s Ace of Spades Jackpot on the left and Daybreak Mistress Ava on the right.

Antry’s Hoss, A Bonanza of Spots

Height at Shoulders: 34″

Weight: 150 lbs. at 1 yr. 2 mo. old

Hoss is from our own breeding program. He has beautiful Harlequin markings and a heavy frame. He is a handsome BIG boy. He, like his parents, is from impressive European bloodlines.

His lines include magnificent Danes such as the Mantle sire, two time Grand Champion and Champion of Russia,  Old Bluz Varvara, and the beautiful Harlequin sire, World Winner and International Champion, Hubble -Bubble von der Feldblume along with the Harlequin sire, International Champion and Grand Champion of Russia, Aljosha vom Allersdorfer-Bach.

He is smart and quick to learn new things, loves to play, and “help” us cook. He has the sweetest personality. He truly is growing into the loving gentle giant his namesake was. His Hip Distraction Index is 0.31, he has better than average hips. His cardiac is normal/clear, his thyroid is normal. He will be bred with Annie, our biggest mantle female. They will produce beautiful BIG puppies. Can’t wait!

Below are photos of his parents, Antry’s Chester king of Hearts on the left and Antry’s Bonnie Bailey Jane on the right.

Kobalt Margarejro

Height at Shoulders: 34″

Weight: 140 lbs. at 1 yr. old

Kobalt is our “dream come true” Blue boy. He is from the Renowned Margarejro Kennel in Poland. His handsome Black father Valentino Margarejro is an International Champion, Champion of Poland, Champion of Lithuania, Grand Champion of Poland, and the list goes on with his many accomplishments. His beautiful Blue mother Yoko Ono Margarejro is not to be left behind with multiple champion titles of her own. Both parents’ lines have a stunning number of Champions, Grand Champions and International Champions.

Kobalt is such an amazing boy. He is gorgeous like his parents and has the best temperament that you could ask for. It truly is a pleasure to work with him, he learns things so quickly and easily. He is a wonderful addition to Antry Danes line up of Sires. His Hip Distraction Index is  excellent with a 0.20 on the right hip and 0.26 on the left hip, cardiac is normal, his thyroid is normal.  We can’t wait to see the puppies that will come from his and Liesel’s litters!

Below are photos of his parents, Valentino Margarejro on the left and Yoko Ono Margarejro on the right.


Antry’s Bonnie Bailey Jane

Height at Shoulders: 32″

Weight: 140 lbs. at 3 yr. old

Bailey is a gorgeous Mantle female. “Bonnie” as used in her name is the Scottish word meaning pretty or beautiful, and it perfectly describes Bailey.

Bailey comes from excellent European bloodlines. One of her great grandfathers is the beautifully marked Harlequin sire, Grand Champion and Champion of Russia, Dakaniro Evgur Vivat Centurian. if you go back another generation, she has a great, great grandfather who is the impressive Harlequin sire, International Champion, Grand Champion of Russia and Ukraine, Sargos Centurion Mark Avrelly. Another of her great great grandfathers is a handsome Mantle sire, International Champion, Champion of Germany and Luxembourg, Akari Claudia Bohemica.

Along with an outstanding pedigree, Bailey also has a very sweet and loving personality and lives to please. She is absolutely a joy to be around. Bailey’s health testing results show excellent hips. Her Hip Distraction Index is 0.28. Her thyroid and cardiac are normal.  She is a proven Dam and is an excellent and attentive mother!

Below are photos of her parents, Beefcake Danes Eros Remington on the left and Beefcake Danes Prudence on the right.


Antry’s Sweet Annie Rose

Height at Shoulders: 33″

Weight: 144 lbs. at 2 yr. old

Annie is a big, beautiful Mantle girl and a great example of the European look. You can certainly see where she gets her European stature when you see some of  her ancestors, such as the magnificent huge Black male International Champion, Grand Champion and Champion of Mexico, Cradel de Garaba. Another great sire from her pedigree is the Harlequin, Grand Champion and Champion of Russia, Tabarka de la Benjamine. And lastly, a dam in her  line with a big gorgeous head like Annie’s is the beautiful harlequin, Grand Champion and Champion of Russia, Romane de la Benjamine.

Annie is an amazing dam. She has a cute and fun-loving personality. She is an extremely kind and loving girl. She likes to sit on your lap and be petted, but if you forget and ignore her for too long, she will butt you with her nose to ask for more. She is a big girl…delicate is definitely not a word you would use to describe Annie.  We sometimes call her the bulldozer, (but such a pretty bulldozer). Annie’s health testing has been completed, hers Hip Distraction Index is 0.37, she has good hips, average for the breed, her cardiac and thyroid are normal. She will be bred with Hoss. They should have some beautiful big puppies.

Below are photos of her parents, Elvis-N del Satiro Danzante on the left and Beefcake Danes Konfetti on the right.

Misty Morning Liesel Haus von Antry

Height at Shoulders: 34″

Weight: 140 lbs. at 1 yr. 6 mo. old

Liesel is an absolutely gorgeous big Blue girl from the Renowned Margarejro lines in Poland and von den Elf Quellen lines in Germany. Her beautiful grandmother Heroina Margarejro was Junior World winner 2013, International Champion, Champion of Poland, Champion of Lithuania and Lithuanian Club Winner in 2014. One of her grandfathers, Rockefeller Margarejro is a beautiful Big Black sire and  International Champion, Champion of Poland and Junior Grand Champion of Ukraine. Her other Grandfather is a handsome Blue sire, the Champion of Croatia, Champion and Junior Champion of Germany, Kasimir von den Elf Quellen. Not to be forgotten is her other grand mother the gorgeous Blue dam, Scarlett O’Hara Margarejro, Champion and Junior Champion of Poland.

Leisel is a wonderful combination of elegant and fun-loving. She is so pretty to look at, yet loves a good romp or play session. She adores alone time with us where she is the center of attention. She just can’t get or give enough Love. Liesel has excellent hips, her Hip Distraction Index is 0.20, her cardiac is normal, thyroid will be completed soon. We can’t wait to see her first big beautiful litter.

Below are photos of her parents, Unikat The Blue Dream Rhapsody on the left and Amisoara Margarejro on the right.