Gorgeous Dogs, Amazing People

November 10, 2020 5:23 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

antry danes, great dane puppyI was very impressed with your dogs and puppies when my family and I came to meet them. They were very well-mannered, even though it was obvious that Chester just wanted to play with my 6 children. All of your Danes are absolutely gorgeous. They are also very sweet, and there is no doubt that they are loved.

I was equally impressed with the way that they are cared for. It was obvious from the moment I stepped into your beautiful home that you don’t view your Danes as “just dogs”. They are clearly members of your family and live WITH you. I’m pretty sure that each dog has their own spot to watch TV with you. LOL.

I also love how well your puppies are socialized from the moment they are born. They are such well-mannered puppies, and anyone would be lucky to be able to welcome one (or two) of them into their home. Antry Danes | European Great Dane Puppies

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