Tips for Training a Great Dane Puppy

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Bringing a Great Dane puppy into the home is a cause for celebration as much as it is something to prepare for. Whether it is your first time being a dog owner or another addition to the family, here are some fundamental tips for training your Great Dane!

#1: Maintain Training Consistency

A standard for puppies of all breeds, staying consistent with training after they are home with you is crucial. A Great Dane’s countenance will grow to be gentle and understanding. In turn, making the most of their eagerness and energy as a puppy is a great way to help their training carry into adulthood! Maintain a routine of potty breaks, playtime, and obedience skills and tricks… all with incentivized rewards and positive reinforcement in hand! The key takeaway? Great Danes are easy to train, yet require consistency to become their best selves.

#2: Take Extra Care of your Great Dane

Great Danes are a giant breed of dog, which means they’ll need to have attention where other breeds may not. As a puppy, it’s important for them to partake in their daily physical activity, but not at the expense of their precious bones and joints! Get your puppy familiar with regular walks and playtime as well as calmness with grooming and navigating their space – they’ll grow to be big!

In addition, make sure your home has the proper necessities for your Great Dane to rest and relax comfortably. A properly-sized dog bed and lots of indoor/outdoor space are great ways to start!

#3: Monitor Health Conditions

As Great Danes grow big and strong, they’ll also be prone to health issues such as hip dysplasia, bloating, and more. European Great Danes weigh more and have a shorter life span than American Great Danes, so initiating medical care and advice from the get-go is key! Your puppy should already be set with vaccinations, a good pedigree, and a Health Guarantee from a reputable source… like us here at Antry Danes!

#4: Socialize Your Great Dane Puppy Every Day

In order to raise a happy, healthy, well-mannered puppy, no matter the breed, socialization is a necessity. Exposure to dogs, other pets, and humans is a daily practice that will give your puppy confidence. Not to mention, the ability to move through different settings and situations with composure! 

With these tips, you’ll be set to care for your Great Dane puppy with an abundance of love and excitement for what’s to come. Connect with Antry Danes today to learn more about our European Great Danes!

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