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antry danes, european great dane puppiesHi Bill and Meredith,

You met my better half, Tai, but I thought I’d introduce myself and also fess up to the fact that I was the reason for the extended contemplation as to welcoming a new Dane puppy into our family. My wife is an ER pharmacist—quick, decisive, efficient. I’m an accountant—contemplative, analytical, pragmatic; although my wife would more aptly describe me as over-analytical and waffling, ha! I wanted to thank you for your interactions with my wife and for communicating such helpful information and insight—into your Danes as well as your connection/love/history with the breed and your dogs.

Tai mentioned our Dane, Romeo, who passed away from bone cancer this past year. Romeo was 8.5 years old when he died and 8.4 of those years were absolutely amazing for him and he was going like a banshee up until the last couple weeks of his life. Romeo was truly our first child. Losing him was (and still is) incredibly difficult—but the happiness and joyful times and enrichment he brought us, and the lessons he taught us, will live on forever that is for sure.


You can rest assured that your Dane puppy, and now our George, will be loved and well cared. He will be a true member of our family. It’s crazy that even just a few days in with George, it’s hard to imagine our family without this little (big, ha) guy. No doubt Tai will keep you in a good supply of updates and pictures of George throughout the coming months and years.

One last thing, I wanted to mention to you that I’m VERY impressed with the skills and socialization George is
demonstrating at this young age. It is absolutely evident that you all did some wonderful work with your litter in the
first eight weeks of their lives. I subscribed to the “Puppy Culture” program and have made it through all of the “Puppy
Culture – The Original Film” videos—so we plan to pick up where you left off and keep up the excellent start you
gave George.

Thanks again!

-Brandon (dad), Tai (mom), Louisa (baby—human), Zulu (8-year-old Lab), Lady (7-year-old Lab/Vizsla mix), and George
PS- Don’t worry about or feel obligated to respond. I know you all are super busy with the litter and placing pups with
new owners. Just wanted to send a quick thank you email. Take care! Antry Danes | European Great Dane Puppies

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